industrial air compressors

Industrial air compressors

Industrial air compressors from 3 to 700 hp

The technology and design of Kaeser's industrial rotary screw air compressors are the result of over 100 years of innovation and quality craftsmanship. A tradition of excellence drives technology development with advances in airend design, controls, and system design to ensure our customers can meet the daily challenges of their manufacturing operations.

Each of our air compressors is designed for:

Rugged reliability for tough industrial environments

Kaeser's air compressors meet our rigorous "built for a lifetime" standard. Designed and built with KAESER's generations of manufacturing experience, you can rest assured that these screw air compressors will continue to deliver the air you need with the exceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor.


From the ground up, these industrial air compressors have been designed with the user in mind. Fewer wearing parts and premium quality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirements, longer service intervals, and extended service life. Smart component layouts with generously sized maintenance doors simply service and reduce downtime.

Guaranteed efficiency

In our comprehensive design approach, KAESER chooses the components that work together in the most energy-efficient way possible. Each and every component — from inlet filter to discharge flange — has been carefully selected with performance in mind. In fact, our compressors are up to 30% more efficient than the competition. With Kaeser's superior integrated controls, we guarantee an efficient system with lower operating costs, however small or large your demand may be.

A broad range of commercial air compressors to meet any industry

3 - 25 hp air compressors

On our 3- 25 hp industrial screw compressors we use a space-saving v-belt drive design. Kaeser models include a unique automatic v-belt tensioner that maintains optimal efficiency and prolongs belt life. These models offer simple maintenance and the flexibility of changing working pressure with an easy field modification.

25 - 700 hp industrial air compressors

On larger units from 25 to 700 hp, we use only true direct drive, providing maximum power transfer and efficiency from motor to airend. Because we make more sizes of airends, we can run them at lower speeds than smaller, gear-driven units. This design has fewer components, eliminates heat and drive losses, and reduces maintenance and related downtime.

Oil-free air compressors

For industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage facilities with strict air quality requirements, KAESER offers a complete line of two-stage oil-free rotary screw industrial air compressors.