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Boost efficiency and reduce costs: The power of compressed air as a service

In today's industrial landscape, owning a compressed air system is not the only solution. Businesses now have the option to leverage air utility programs that provide compressed air as a service. This innovative approach eliminates financial risks associated with equipment ownership and offers a range of benefits, including reduced costs and uninterrupted air supply. Let's explore the power of compressed air as a service and how it can transform your operations.

Is a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor the right choice for your facility?

variable speed drive

In a recent edition of Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine they explored the benefits of variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors with the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI).  Read the blog for some of the key insights.

Maximizing value: Considerations for compressed air users in automotive and collision repair

sema teaser

When it comes to compressed air systems in automotive service, collision repair, customer builds and fabrication, there's more to consider than just the upfront cost of a compressor. To make an informed decision and ensure you're getting the best value for your investment, it's crucial to take a holistic approach and account for various cost components that affect the overall ownership and operation of your compressed air system.

Enhancing wastewater treatment with efficient blower systems


For wastewater treatment plants, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability are non-negotiable factors. As designers and operators of wastewater treatment plants know all too well, the choice of blowers and compressed air equipment can make a monumental impact on the success of their operations.

Maintenance for air treatment components, part 2: Aftercoolers, filters, and drains

air treatment maintenance

There are many other components in your compressed air treatment system that require your attention. This blog post covers maintenance on filters, aftercoolers, and drains.

Optimizing metalwork and fabrication with compressed air

In the realm of metal products manufacturing, where precision and productivity are paramount, one often-underestimated ally stands out: compressed air. From the art of hand fabrication to the high-tech precision of laser cutting, compressed air plays a pivotal role in various applications within the industry.

Maintenance for air treatment components, part 1: Dryers

air dryer maintenance

Compressed air dryers are indispensable in most commercial and industrial compressed air systems, as they remove moisture that can increase maintenance and downtime in production equipment and possibly ruin products. In this two-part blog post we’ll take a look at maintenance components in compressed air dryers.

Maximizing efficiency and precision: compressed air in packaging applications

pack expo
In the world of packaging, where precision, speed, and reliability are paramount, every component of the production process plays a crucial role. One often overlooked but vital element is compressed air. From filling and sealing to labeling and coding, good quality compressed air is the unsung hero that ensures seamless operations in packaging applications.

Electric cars: not the only game in town when it comes to rebates


You may have heard the news: rebates are available at the federal and even state levels if you buy an electric car. But the various rebates available on energy-efficient components, including those used in compressed air systems, don't make the headlines.

Using the Air Main Charging Valve to balance flow between two separate systems

air systems with air main charging valve

Sometimes a customer does not have a centralized compressed air station, but instead has multiple systems within the plant (usually to protect specific applications). Often, users connect systems with a manual valve and open it as needed, but this is obviously inconvenient.  Automating this function will avoid interruptions to operations.

How to reduce pressure drop in your industrial compressed air system

how to reduce pressure drop in your industrial compressed air system.

Compressed air systems can develop instances of pressure drop throughout their lifespans, disrupting productivity and leading to inconsistent performance. However, with the right maintenance schedule, parts, and monitoring processes, businesses can minimize the risk of system pressure drop and reduce unscheduled downtime and performance inconsistencies. Learn more about the common causes of pressure drop, how your team or repair technicians can reduce pressure drop, and the benefits of a proactive approach.

Avoid a cruel summer impacting your air compressors

cruel summer

Summertime! School is out. Families are taking vacations. But it’s also a time when your compressed air system can break down. Don’t let the cruel (cruel), cruel summer (apologies to Bananarama) take down your facility.

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shop report
Shop report: Common air system problems and recommendations

We recently visited a high-end specialty metal fabricator who asked us to assess their compressed air system. This blog contains a detailed report to the shop management on what we found.

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trim compressed air waste
Trim your compressed air waste line [Infographic]

How much is your compressed air system costing you? Check out this updated infographic.

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AIRTOWER series air compressor for automotive repair
How much noise do screw compressors generate?

The amount of noise produced by screw compressors can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of compressor, the operating speed, and the surrounding environment.

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Mobilair filters
Portable compressor maintenance checklist

Don't treat portable compressor service as a once-a-year requirement