Sensors for compressed air systems: Data management and analysis

Compressed Air Best Practices

Date: May 23, 2024    
Time: 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour

Join Keynote Speaker, Andrew Smith, P.E., Co-Founder, SMARTCAir to discuss the primary data collection objectives of a compressed air supply side audit and the necessary sensors for precise results. The webinar will cover the fundamental physics of flow measurement, along with potential issues and advantages of various common methods. Neil Mehltretter, Technical Director at Kaeser Compressors, will discuss how compressed air measurement instruments can provide useful management information while ensuring reliable performance and effective control system operation.


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    Compressed Air Best Practices

    Greener Compressed Air Systems - Reducing the Environmental Impact

    Keynote Speaker, Paul Edwards, Principal, Compressed Air Consultants takes a look at the various waste generated by compressed air systems. Pascal van Putten, CEO, VPInstruments discusses the cost of compressed air consumption and potential savings by investing in a flow meter. Michael Camber, Marketing Services Manager, Kaeser Compressors discusses how making compressed air greener is a shared responsibility among compressor manufacturers and end users, as well as engineering firms, compressed air sales professionals and others who influence compressed air system design.

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      Compressed Air Best Practices

      Oil-Free vs. Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors

      Join Keynote Speaker, Paul Edwards, Principal, Compressed Air Consultants to discuss your options when selecting between an oil-free or oil flood screw air compressor. The risks and rewards for each approach will also be explored.

      Steve Arshop, Sales Manager for Kaeser Compressors will also present.

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        Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing

        Lean manufacturing techniques for every plastics plant

        There is no end point to lean manufacturing. It is a path of continuous improvement that continuously pays big dividends for manufacturing plants.

        The key is to get everyone in the organization involved in the process. That applies to big companies like Toyota, Stihl and Illinois Tool Works as well as plastics processors of all sizes.

        While there is no single, correct way to go about implementing lean manufacturing, different techniques share some of the same attributes. This webinar provides thought-provoking ideas as to how lean manufacturing can benefit your organization.

        Watch the archived webinar to learn:

        • How to get started with lean manufacturing
        • How lean manufacturing can give you better results with the same people and machines
        • Keys to success
        • What it costs
        • How lean manufacturing fosters a happier workforce and happier customers

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        Compressed Air Best Practices

        Compressed Air: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

        Keynote Speaker, Ron Marshall, Chief Auditor, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting discusses compressed air system measurement including pressure, power, flow, dew point and temperature, and presents examples of significant problems that have been found simply by measuring key parameters.

        Menno Verbeek, Sales Manager, VPInstruments presents “Reveal Your Pains: Start Measuring & Monitoring,” and discusses what insight monitoring brings to your factory and how it helps to show you where, when and how much you can save. 

        Neil Mehltretter, Technical Director, Kaeser Compressors presents “Integrating System Sensors with Smart Controls” and discusses how smart system controls can integrate and report data from a wide range of downstream sensors including pressure dew point monitors, oil and particulate sensors, flow meters, kW meters and pressure transducers. 

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          Plant Services

          Oversizing: How to identify oversizing and what to do about it

          A review of thousands of compressed air systems reveals that, on average, users operate below 50% of system capacity. Regardless of industry and application, oversized compressors are among the most common problems in air systems. Oversizing hits the bottom line in many ways, including higher purchase costs, higher maintenance and repair costs, higher energy costs, lost production due to pressure fluctuation and shorter compressor life. In this webinar, compressed air experts Neil Mehltretter and Werner Rauer will address:

          • why oversizing occurs and how to identify
          • how they impact productivity and profitability
          • strategies to reduce the effects of this epidemic

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          Compressed Air Best Practices

          Air Compressor Cooling, Water- or Air-Cooled?

          Keynote Speaker, Tom Taranto, Owner, Data Power Services, discusses how air compressors are cooled by comparing air-cooled and water-cooled designs and examines the pros and cons of each alternative along with design considerations.

          Neil Mehltretter, Technical Director, Kaeser Compressors, presents “Choosing Air Compressor Cooling Methods,” and discusses the costs associated with both air and water cooling, including those that may be taken for granted and overlooked.

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          Compressed Air Best Practices

          Air Compressor & Dryer Sizing for High Ambient Temperatures

          Join Keynote Speaker, Paul Baker, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Jacobs, to discuss how high ambient temperatures affects compressed air in the plant with an emphasis on the performance of compressed air dryers. Paul will also cover how to compensate for high ambient air temperatures in the design of new plants, and give tips and advice on how to get through the stifling summer heat while maintaining a reliable compressed air system.

          Sponsor speakers from BEKO Technologies and Kaeser Compressors will complement Paul’s presentation to highlight key considerations for sizing air compressors and compressed air dryers for high ambient temperature environments. Each speaker will give real-world examples that you may be experiencing in your facility.

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          Compressed Air Best Practices

          Understanding and Calculating Air Compressor Specific Power

          Join Keynote Speaker, Loran Circle, Owner, Circle Training & Consulting, to discuss and define specific power for air compressors. The use of CAGI data sheets, where to find them and how to use them in your compressor decisions will also be explored. He will define how different control schemes can dramatically change the efficiency of a compressor and how to analyze the information in a compressor decision.

          Werner Rauer, Rotary Screw Compressors Product Manager of Kaeser Compressors will present “The Big Picture in Compressed Air Energy Efficiency” and will discuss the specific performance of the whole system with methods to see the big picture for compressed air efficiency.

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            Compressed Air Best Practices

            Calculating Storage for Demand Events

            Join Keynote Speaker, Tom Taranto, Owner, Data Power Services, to discuss design calculations to engineer storage volume for specific applications, rather than using general rules of thumb to estimate the amount of storage volume. He will also review calculating storage volume for the unanticipated shutdown of a compressor and the need to accommodate the permissive start-up time of a stand-by compressor. He will also discuss calculating dedicated storage volume to improve performance of a high speed “flying cut-off cylinder.” 

            Neil Mehltretter, Engineering Manager, Kaeser Compressors, Inc. is a guest speaker (approx. 10 minutes) and will be discussing How Controls and Piping Affect Large Air Demand Events. During Kaeser’s portion of the webinar, Neil Mehltretter will discuss how single compressor systems and multiple compressor systems operate during high demand events, whether additional measurement points can be helpful, and what impact piping can have on these events. 

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            Compressed Air Best Practices

            Control Strategies for Multiple VFD Air Compressors

            Join Keynote Speaker, Ron Marshall, Chief Auditor, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting to discuss control strategies for multiple VFD air compressors. Compressed air systems have evolved from simple cascaded control strategies to more sophistical central control with both fixed speed and VFD air compressors combined. Some of these systems have been installed with two or more VFD air compressors. This webinar will discuss some of the benefits and pitfalls of using multiple VFDs in a combined system and how to best control these scenarios. Mr. Marshall will also share case studies to illustrate those strategies. 

            The Sponsor Speaker is Werner Rauer, Rotary Screw Compressors Product Manager, Kaeser Compressors, Inc. His presentation, “Control Strategies for Multiple VFD Air Compressors Part 2”, will complement Ron Marshall's presentation with some practical considerations for applying VFD compressors. He will also discuss some real-world installations of multiple VFD air compressors with a focus on the impact of proper controls.

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            Blower & Vacuum Best Practices

            Techniques for Determining Savings from Aeration Blowers

            Join Keynote Speaker, Tom Jenkins, P.E., President, JenTech Inc., to learn how to calculate savings from aeration blower and control upgrades. This presentation will include techniques for determining blower duty cycles, typical utility billing procedures and their impact on operating costs. He will also discuss strategies for evaluating life cycle cost, comparing alternatives and project justification through present worth analysis and simple payback methods. 

            Sponsor Speaker: Stephen Horne, Blower Product Manager, Kaeser Compressors, Inc. He will include a real-world example on some of these strategies in his presentation titled “Case Study: Savings from Aeration Blowers.” Stephen will explain how these techniques were able to help a wastewater treatment plant in a small West Virginia town. This case study will specifically explain how a blower controller was able to help the plant save energy, automate the DO controls, and verify the power savings for an energy rebate.

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            Compressed Air Best Practices

            5 Tips on optimizing VFD air compressors

            Join Keynote Speaker, Loran Circle, Senior Consultant for Compressed Air System Training & Consulting, to learn 5 tips on optimizing VFD air compressors. He will explain how these air compressors work and how to properly integrate them within a compressed air system. This presentation will also examine how pressure setpoints, site conditions, storage and flow controllers impact VFD air compressors and system optimization.

            Werner Rauer, Rotary Screw Compressors Product Manager for Kaeser Compressors, will present "Proper Application of Variable Frequency Drive Compressors.” He will discuss key points to consider when designing compressed air systems with variable frequency drive technology.

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            Body Shop Business

            Compressed Air for Body Shops

            A reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air is vital for body shops. Taking the time to understand air quantity and quality requirements can keep energy costs in line and prevent the costly re-work caused by contaminants in the compressed air supply.  

            Join compressed air experts Michael Camber and Neil Mehltretter as they discuss best practices for compressed air systems in body shops. 

            Topics include:

            • Components in a compressed air system necessary for bodywork and spraying finishes 

            • Types of dryers and tips on selecting the right one 

            • Air treatment components to ensure clean, dry air that won’t ruin paint jobs 

            • Common types of contaminants and how to remove them 

            • Key design factors for evaluating a compressed air system 

            • How piping material selection impacts air quality