Compressed air for breweries

Complete compressed air systems for the craft brew industry

Kaeser compressor at Cinderlands Beer Co.
Image courtesy of Cinderlands Beer Co.

Your compressed air system is as important to your brewery's success as your recipe and the quality of your ingredients. Air compressors are key components to several aspects of craft brew operations:

  • aeration: introducing oxygen into the yeast cultures throughout the fermentation process
  • clarifying: pressure-driven centrifuges remove heavier solids for a cleaner, clearer final product
  • canning and bottling: compressed air moves beer from the conditioning tank to the bottle
  • cleaning and maintenance: compressed air powers pressure washers which help maintain a clean and safe operation

Some important factors to consider when selecting air compressors for your brewery:

  1. Energy efficiency: Energy costs are a significant portion of an air system's total cost. To select the most efficient compressor for your brewery, check out the CAGI data sheets.
  2. Reliability: Unplanned downtime can hold up your bottling line or slow down your entire operation.
  3. Space and noise: Many craft breweries don't have the square footage required for a dedicated compressor room and a noisy compressor can disturb customers in your pub or drive your brew master out of the brewery.

Kaeser products for the craft brew industry

Rotary screw compressors

Kaeser’s rotary screw compressors with the world renowned Sigma Profile™ airend offer the best in rugged reliably and superior efficiency. Available from 3 to 700 hp, these packages are designed for ease of maintenance, deliver ultra-low noise levels, and consistently are more efficient than the competition.

Compressed air piping

compressed air piping- SmartPipe+

Kaeser's SmartPipe™ is a modular aluminum pipe for compressed air installations, offering both lower installation costs and lower long-term operating costs. From small shops to large industrial systems, SmartPipe is great for all facilities and is available in sizes up to 8" pipe diameter

Compressed air treatment

Dirt, oil, and other impurities enter the compressor with atmospheric air and during the compression process. If not removed, these contaminants may cause costly production problems including equipment contamination and accelerated tool wear. KAESER offers a complete line of air treatment products including dryers, filters, and drains to prepare compressed air for even the most stringent requirements

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