Blower package rentals

Portable rental blowers engineered to provide robust solutions for short-term needs

screw blower rental packages
Kaeser rental blowers are super efficient, variable speed rotary screw blowers in three sizes with oil-free flows from 200 to 2309 cfm. These units have our standard full enclosure with sound-proofing to promote safe working conditions and won’t disturb neighbors. These packages feature additional protection from rain and snow as well as auxiliary heaters in both the mechanical and electrical cabinets, making them suitable for outdoor installations in temperatures from 5 to 115°F. Each model has multiple control modes to meet your application, including pressure regulation, flow control (via panel-mounted potentiometer) and fixed speed.
Kaeser rental blowers can be integrated into existing plant controls. If you intend to purchase a new blower, the standard Sigma Control 2 stores usage data that will continuously record air demand and power usage to help size the permanent blower for the application and calculate ROI from energy reduction.  

Why rent with KAESER?

EBS screw blower rental package at protein processing plant
  • To avoid downtime if blowers have been taken off-line for replacement, maintenance or repair.
  • To meet temporary surges in demand without the capital expense of extra equipment.
  • To maintain operations if more capacity is needed before capital budgets allow a new purchase.
  • To verify flow requirements before buying additional equipment to increase system capacity.
  • To compare a new blower technology to existing equipment to validate potential energy efficiency improvements and provide documentation for utility incentives.

Specifications for Kaeser's Outdoor Skid-Mounted Blower Systems


Equipment DBS 220M EBS 380M FBS 660M
Flow range (cfm) 200 - 790 340 - 1320 560 - 2309
Pressure Range (psi) 7 - 15 7 - 15 7 - 15
Electric Requirement @ Full Load (460V/3ph/60Hz) 67 A 136 A 191.6 A
Connection (flange) 4" 6" 8"
Package Dimensions 65" x 75" x 92" 97" x 81" x 92" 109" x 93" x 100"
Package Weight (lbs) 2800 5000 7500

Includes 6' braided flex hose (150# FF 150# flanges) to connect to your air system

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