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Now you can purchase quality compressed air equipment more quickly and with less headache.

Our oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors, portable compressors, compressed air dryers, air receivers, and air treatment products are available on Schedule 56 at GSA Advantage!

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, we offer product selection assistance to ensure the lowest energy consumption in any application.

Our best value products are not only efficient, but their reliability supports the tagline: Built for a lifetime.™

Meeting all your air system needs

KAESER COMPRESSORS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of compressors and compressed air system components. Kaeser’s offering on GSA Advantage includes a wide range of stationary and portable rotary screw compressors, as well as the components for complete compressed air systems including dryers, air storage tanks, filters, drains and controls.

Complete packaged compressors

Compressed air stations

Kaeser also offers the AIRCENTER and AIRTOWER — complete compressed air packages that integrate our compressor with controller, dryer, tank, and drain into one compressed air system. These systems are ideal where floor space is limited.

MOBILAIR™ portable air compressors

M27 portable compressor

Available in a wide range of models from 50 to 1200 cfm at 100 psig, our portable air compressor units feature the power-saving Sigma Profile airend, heavy-duty industrial engines, and low noise enclosures.

Industrial screw compressors

Rotary screw compressors

Kaeser’s rotary screw air compressors feature the proprietary Sigma Profile™ airend. Available from 3 to 700 hp with capacities from 9 to 3142 cfm, and pressures up to 217 psig. Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) units feature variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. “T” versions with integrated dryer also available on most models.

Air treatment products and components

Air treatment and condensate technology

KAESER offers an extensive line of air treatment components including drain traps, filters, refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, and other compressed air treatment products to help protect your system and ultimately end product from contaminants such as dirt, oil, water, etc.