Kaeser Customer service

Time is money: Convenience and reliability

As one of the world’s leading compressed air systems providers and compressor manufacturers, Kaeser is represented throughout the world. These advantages, coupled with Kaeser’s worldwide service organization, ensure that all products operate at the peak of their performance at all times and provide maximum availability.

We specialize in individually evaluating each customer's air system, and providing the most efficient and effective solution. With service centers nationwide and our 24-hour emergency parts guarantee, Kaeser customers can rely on the best after-sales support in the industry.  

100% quality and 100% service
One of the most important requirements of an industrial compressed air supply is: maximum availability. This is achieved however only by using the very best and most efficient components in conjunction with meticulous service and maintenance. Premium service plays a key role in ensuring that your compressed air supply system operates at the peak of its performance at all times and provides maximum production reliability.

Your advantages

  • Optimized operational reliability and availability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Long-term value retention

Worldwide Teleservice

Worldwide Teleservice

Remote diagnostics and demand-oriented maintenance are made possible for 'Teleservice'-capable Kaeser products thanks to global networking and advanced data communication.

Benefits for you:

  • Fast and reliable troubleshooting
  • Greater compressed air supply availability and efficiency
  • Ideal for your company’s on-call service

Tips for receiving freight shipments

Watch our freight tips video for some excellent tips that apply not just to shipments you receive from Kaeser, but for any commercial freight delivery.