In addition to supporting an NHRA racing team, KAESER is also the compressed air choice of many top automotive restorers and fabricators in the country and can be seen on a number of television shows chronicling their high-end builds.

JEB Four Racing

JEB Four Racing team

JEB Four Racing is a nationally ranked drag racing team well-known for their unique Top Sportsman class Super Henry J, racing over 210 MPH in the quarter mile. They belong to the NHRA Northeast Division, and race across the eastern United States.


Adam Booth is a third-generation machinist and his YouTube channel (Abom79) has over 500k followers. 

Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini, air compressor for automotive shop

With a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration, Wayne Carini has a resume that includes body and paint work on rare car collections owned by David Letterman, tennis great Ivan Lendl, and the DuPont family.  He has been featured in the New York Times as well as numerous automobile magazines and is the host of Chasing Classic Cars, on Velocity.

Flyte Camp

Justin and Anna Scribner, Flyte Camp, Flipping RVs, Beachin' RVs, air compressor for automotive, paint finishes

Flyte Camp, also known for their Travel Channel television series "Beachin' RVs" specializes in the restoration and renovation of vintage RVs from the 1930s through the early 1960s. KAESER provides the air for their paint booth, tools, and more as they preserve these rolling pieces of art and the vintage trailering experience for generations to come.

Fredericksburg Nationals

Fredericksburg Nationals

Kaeser Compressors has teamed up with the Fredericksburg Nationals for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The FredNats are a minor league affiliate of the Washington Nationals in the Carolina League. They play their home games at the Virginia Credit Union Stadium in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Stacey David's GearZ

Stacey David with Kaeser air receiver tank

Stacey David has decades of experience working in restoration and hot rod shops. Each time he sets up a new shop he knows to choose the best for his compressed air system.

Graveyard Carz

Graveyard Carz logo

Kaeser Compressors designed and installed a complete compressed air system for Graveyard Carz's new shop in Springfield, Oregon. The Graveyard Crew never has to worry about running out of air as they resurrect derelict Mopar muscle cars.

Charley Hutton's Color Studio

Charley Hutton painter, compressed air for auto body paint finishes

Charley Hutton, specializes in automotive customizing and restoration and is a three-time winner of the prestigious Ridler Award, several Street Rod of the Year and Custom Rod of the Year awards as well as an America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award. 

Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. is proud to be associated with and provide equipment for the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX

Garage Rehab

Garage Rehab

If you've tuned in to Discovery Channel's Garage Rehab you've probably noticed Kaeser equipment in many of the episodes. Kaeser's compressed air experts have been on-site to help automotive service and collision shop owners optimize their shops with rotary screw compressors and aluminum piping.

KC's Paint Shop

KC's Paint Shop , air compressor for autobody paint finishes

You may only be familiar with his work at Gas Monkey Garage, but KC Mathieu has been working on cars his entire life, specializing in custom paint work. When it came time to upgrade his shop, KC's Paint Shop, he chose Kaeser compressors.

Plum Quick Motors

Plum Quick NEDRA pro-mod dragster
For over 20 years, Plum Quick Motors has been making high-performance golf cart motors for a wide range of applications, including hunting, off-roading, golfing, cruising and even racing. 

Titans of CNC

CNC Titans.
Titans of CNC is a CNC machine training facility and the home of the revolutionary CNC Academy, offering the world's largest catalog of free CAD/CAM and CNC machine training. The new shop in Dallas, Texas serves as a training facility as well as the studio where all the educational and training videos are filmed.