Titans of CNC

Titan Gilroy.

Titans of CNC is a CNC machine training facility and the home of the revolutionary CNC Academy, offering the world's largest catalog of free CAD/CAM and CNC machine training. The new shop in Dallas, Texas serves as a training facility as well as the studio where all the educational and training videos are filmed.

When it came time to choose a compressed air system for the new shop, Titan chose KAESER based on his experience with it at his previous shop. Two SK 20T rotary screw air compressors with integrated dryers provide a reliable source of clean and dry compressed air to keep multiple shop tools running at once, while also keeping the noise down to a minimum to allow for in-shop filming. Kaeser's air system specialists also installed an air receiver tank for storage and piped the air system using SmartPipe™ for optimum flow and air quality.

Titans of CNC has an audience of 500k on YouTube and 215K on Instagram.

Titans of CNC air system.