JEB Four Racing

A Tradition of Success

JEB Four Racing, NHRA race car, Kaeser race car, Jeff Brooks, Top Sportsman
JEB Four Racing

JEB Four Racing is a nationally ranked drag racing team well-known for their unique Top Sportsman class Super Henry J, racing over 210 MPH in the quarter mile. They belong to the NHRA Northeast Division, and race across the eastern United States. In 2017 they won the Top Sportsman Championship for NHRA Division 1. Other highlights include:

  • 2-time NHRA Summer Nationals champion
  • 2018 NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals champion
  • Best 1/4 mile time 6.32 seconds at 220 mph
  • 15 NHRA wins

2021 Schedule

Dates Location
April 8 - 10 PDRA Galot Motorsports Park / Benson,NC
TBD Atco Dragway / Atco, NJ (NHRA Divisional)
April 30 - May 2 NHRA Southern Nationals / Atlanta, GA
May 14 - 16 NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-wide Nationals / Charlotte, NC
May 28 - 30 Maple Grove Raceway / Reading, PA  (NHRA Divisional)
TBD Virginia NHRA Nationals / Petersburg, VA
June 24 - 27 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals / Norwalk, OH
July 2 - 4 Summit Equipment Motorsports Park / Norwalk, OH (NHRA Divisional)
July 15 - 16 JEGS NHRA Sportsnationals / Columbus, OH
July 17 - 18 National Trail Raceway / Columbus, OH (NHRA Divisional)
August 5 - 8 Galot Motorsport Park / Dunn, NC (NHRA Divisional)
August 20 - 22 New England Dragway / Epping, NH (NHRA Divisional)
September 17 - 19 NGK NHRA Carolina Nationals / Charlotte, NC
September 24 - 26 Virginia Motorsports Park / Petersburg, VA (NHRA Divisional)
October 8 - 10 Cecil County Dragway / Rising Sun, MD (NHRA Divisional)
October 14 - 17 PDRA World Finals / Petersburg, VA

A Family Foundation

JEB Four Racing team with tropies

James Brooks has been drag racing since the 1960s. In the early 90s, sons Jamie, Jeff and John joined their father to found JEB Four Racing. They started racing in the Super Gas glass in 1993 and up until 2006 they raced a modified Henry J with many original parts, including some from the 1951 Red Baron that James raced in the 60s.

Kaeser joined the JEB Four family in 1995, and over the next decade JEB Four and the Kaeser Henry J routinely finished among the Top Ten in the NHRA Northeast Division.

The classic Henry J was retired at the end of the 2006 season, and in 2007 JEB Four rolled out the all-new Super Henry J to race in the Top Sportsman class. This new car built by Dan Page features the latest technology, including a uniquely stylized carbon fiber body by Terry Hall and a Sonny Leonard motor.

Expert teamwork, 1650 hp, and a bit of luck have put JEB Four Racing in the top ten for ten straight years.

JEB Four Racing trophies
Fifteen NHRA Wallys and counting!

Download the JEB Four signature card using the link below. Would you like a hard copy of the signature card or a JEB Four poster? Send JEB Four Racing an email with your name and address (only available in the USA) and how many copies you'd like and if you'd like them to sign the card, and if you'd like a poster.