Management Processes – Responsibility of the Top Management

The management processes demonstrate how the corporate management of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE controls and manages the company, how personnel resources are planned and the conformity with existing laws is assured. For this purpose, the developed QUSEM system has been implemented and is continuously improved. Its effectiveness is assured by the provision of the required resources.

For this purpose, quality audits are performed on a regular basis. The results of these internal audits, responses and feed-back from customers, evaluations, and preventive and corrective actions taken are analyzed by the Top Management regarding the QUSEM system’s:

  • appropriateness,
  • pertinence, and
  • effectiveness.

The result of the Management Review leads to measures to improve procedures, products (continuous improvement process as an instrument of the Quality Management System) and more effective use of resources (CIP as an instrument of Environmental and Energy Management System).

Point of contact for employees are their supervisors and QUSEM representatives in our departments and subsidiaries who are responsible for ensuring that:

  • the requirements shown in the Corporate Policy are met,
  • the Corporate Objectives (with regards to Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy) are understood, observed on all company levels and conditions are present for them to be realized,
  • processes are carried out in accordance with instructions, and
  • any necessary improvements to the system are implemented.