Core Processes – Product Realization

Core processes are defined as all the end-to-end processes representing our core expertise. This includes the corporate processes product development, the gratification of the various customer requirements and customer service processes.

Core processes – Product realisation

Product Development

Product development defines the processes required for the development of new products and the modification of existing designs, i.e. it includes the planning and controlling of the development of a specific product, determination and documentation of product requirements, preparation, analysis with subsequent comparison of results with the design specification and, finally, the evaluation of a product’s suitability for the specified application or employment.

Sales, Logistics and Product Processing

The corporate processes Sales, Logistics and Product Processing describe how we realize the different customer needs.

We fulfill the customer requirements by reviewing the following areas:

  • Determination of customer requirements 
  • Submission of quotations 
  • Review and documentation of incoming orders
  • Tracking of schedules
  • Customization of products to specific customer needs
  • Planning and provision of materials
  • Planning and controlling of the manufacture of components and final products 
  • Retrofitting of products
  • Managing of supplied products
  • Planning of shipping/dispatch
  • Commissioning, packaging and shipping of the finished products

Customer Service

The corporate process Customer Service describes how our service department works, i.e. it explains, how we proceed in troubleshooting performed by our service technicians, in maintenance, complaint management, service agreement management and in disposal and replacement processes via our replacement parts catalogue and replacement parts shop.