Garage Rehab

KAESER USA partners with Garage Rehab to transform struggling auto shops

automotive shop refurbished by Garage Rehab and Kaeser with Airtower compressor and receiver tank

KAESER has been doing it for years: evaluating each customer’s needs and designing the right system for the job. Some may think this philosophy applies only to large industrial and manufacturing facilities. But KAESER has always known that automotive service, collision repair, and other aftermarket specialty shops also deserved the same consideration. The potential for substantially reduced downtime and adding more money to the bottom line is greatly enhanced when there’s a reliable source of clean, dry, air. Over the years KAESER has helped thousands of auto service shops upgrade their aging or outgrown air systems. And we’ve been there to set up many new installations as well. But it is not very often that an existing shop starts over from scratch. 

Now, thanks to Discovery Channel, viewers across America can watch as KAESER partners with the popular Gas Monkey Richard Rawlings to help breathe new life into shops that have seen better days. The hour-long show chronicles Richard and his expert team headed by friends and business partners Russell Holmes and Chris Stephens as they give one lucky shop owner a new lease on life and new potential for success. Automotive repair shops, custom restorers, service shops for virtually any type of vehicle, all are candidates for Garage Rehab if they are in need of an upgrade and a fresh take on their business model.

A complete makeover

Garage Rehab automotive shop installation with Chris and Frank Remsik
Kaeser's System Specialist Frank Remsik with Garage Rehab's Chris Stephens

Once selected, no aspect of the garage’s business is overlooked – and it’s not just the cosmetics! Richard takes a look at the business as a whole helping the owners find opportunities for success. Looking at the entire operation, including software upgrades, personnel allocation, product and service promotion, the Rehab team’s keen business sense can lead to a whole new lease on life for these struggling businesses. Tools, lifts, fans, diagnostic equipment, and support systems are all updated including the shop’s compressed air system. 

KAESER’s reputation for providing a reliable source of clean, dry, compressed air is perfect for garages and automotive repair facilities. Tools can’t run and technicians can’t do their job if the compressed air supply can’t keep up or if the air is contaminated with water or oil. Richard and his team know that KAESER offers a wide range of compressed air solutions, and have partnered to make sure the right system is installed for all Garage Rehab projects. 

Air System Specialist Frank Remsik reviews the specific needs of the shop and selects the right combination of compressor, air treatment, storage, and piping. “We do a total system design - tailored to what they do in their business. We find that AIRTOWERS™ work well because they have a tank, dryer, and compressor all in one package. They save floor space and most of these shops are small and need to be efficient with floor space.” KAESER also sees many automotive shops that would benefit from rotary compressors still using reciprocating or piston compressors. Depending on cfm demand and the uses of compressed air, more consistent flow, lower pressures, and cleaner air can significantly improve operations. Most piston compressors normally operate at pressures of 145-175 psi when most shops only need 125 psi or less. Operating at lower pressures is a significant energy saver. Plus, because most tools only require 90 psi, tool life is likely to be extended.

Getting the air where it needs to go

compressed air piping- SmartPipe+
SmartPipe compressed air piping

Getting the air where it needs to go is equally important. “If the shop has old iron pipe, if the piping isn’t up to code, or if the compressed air distribution system needs to be reworked because of the overhaul, KAESER can help with its modular, aluminum SmartPipe™ system. A lot of these older systems are done in PVC and we have to take it all out because they don’t meet code. We want to make sure they stay safe and SmartPipe helps maintain the integrity of the system with excellent air quality and low pressure drop,” says Remsik. SmartPipe has become an increasingly popular product for KAESER in the last 15 years because it solves a lot of performance issues. The team at Garage Rehab loves it because it can be installed quickly and their projects are normally under very strict deadlines. Plus, it offers shop flexibility for the future if they need to expand or reconfigure.