Service expertise
Zero tolerance when it comes to production downtime!

Our factory-trained nation-wide network of distributors and branches provide a complete range of services.

System design services
System design services

Our system design and energy audit services help you evaluate, analyze, and improve air system efficiency and performance.

Zero tolerance when it comes to production downtime!
Comprehensive services for the complete air system

Our factory-trained nationwide network of distributors and branches provide a complete range of services. From performance analysis and compressor system design to 24/7 emergency service – KAESER ensures that you get the very best from your compressed air system at all times. 

System Design

Analysis and advice.

Whether regarding system optimization or tailored planning of a new system: Kaeser customers all around the world benefit from the consulting and analysis expertise from one of the world's largest leading compressed air systems providers.


Cutting edge technology – without investment costs.

Would you like to ensure that your machinery and equipment is always at the cutting edge of technology without having to make major investment in your production facilities? We can help!

Factory-trained service

24-hour service from a trained network

KAESER is proud to sell equipment that is reliable and efficient, but even the highest quality equipment needs attention and maintenance to deliver the most reliable performance. Our factory-trained network of providers is your best source for service, spare parts, and technical support. 

Leak detection

Department of Energy energy costs pie chart
Stop wasting air and start lowering energy costs

Reducing compressed air leaks increases service life, frees-up capacity for production surges and growth, and stabilizes system pressure.

Complete compressed air service by KAESER

As one of the world’s leading and most established compressed air system providers and compressor manufacturers, KAESER COMPRESSORS provides superior customer service.

Experienced specialists and engineers stand by to provide state-of-the-art expertise and supply solutions for all aspects of compressed air engineering.

Analysis and consulting are the key for the customer to save costs, often to a considerable amount. 

Kaeser's global network ensures the availability of all services – from the supply of replacement and maintenance parts to full service where you are.

KAESER – as partner of its customers – promotes the safety, efficiency and value conservation of complex compressed air systems for their entire service life in more than 140 countries.