How to reduce your compressed air costs

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Compressed air systems are typically one of the least efficient processes in a facility and unless they are monitored, these inefficiencies usually go unnoticed and therefore uncorrected. 

Consider the following:

  • One-third of production costs are utilities and compressed air is usually the single largest among them
  • The average compressed air system operates with 23% recoverable efficiency losses.
  • The typical plant only utilizes 50% of the compressed air it generates for production; the rest is lost to leaks, artificial demand, and improper use. A significant portion of this waste can be eliminated with average power reductions of 20%.
  • It is common for demand to be less than half of available capacity. This under-utilization leads not only to poor efficiency but is a direct cause of excessive maintenance and downtime.

Very often we can identify the issues affecting your operations by conducting a walk-through assessment.

It's simple: an authorized KFaCT-trained representative visits your site and completes an air system questionnaire. Based on this “snapshot” of your system’s operating conditions, Kaeser engineers will analyze your system for potential savings.

We’ll generate a KESS report with estimated energy consumption and two scenarios for system improvements – along with an explanation of the potential benefits of a detailed, data-based compressed air system evaluation like Kaeser’s Air Demand Analysis (ADA).

Even without the more detailed ADA, we can make simple no-cost and low-cost recommendations that reduce power and improve system effectiveness.

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