Arclight Fabrication Co.

Arclight Fabrication

Aaron Kaufman's fascination with machines began at an early age. Dump trucks, bulldozers, tractor, you name it — if it made noise and did work, Aaron was curious about it.

As he began to drive, Aaron realized his passion for the automobile as a machine of freedom and expression. Early in his career as an auto customizer, he knew that this was not a job, but rather a craft and a way of life.

Much of the road to here has not been exciting or glamorous for Aaron...However there have been some bright spots while at Gas Monkey Garage, a Dallas-based hot rod shop.

Possibly the brightest spot was Aaron's tenure on the hit television show Fast N' Loud where under extreme deadlines, Aaron and his crew built ever increasingly complicated hot rods, race cars, and show cars. This gave him an opportunity to explore building styles and techniques that would have otherwise taken decades to amass.

This experience and Aaron's natural love for trucks and for Ford has culminated in this latest adventure: patching a hole in the aftermarket for Ford's F-100 line of trucks. Come what may, Aaron and his crew at Arclight are ready to take on this new challenge and learn even more along the way.

KAESER worked with Aaron to install a complete air system at his new shop to provide a reliable source of clean, dry air. This system includes: