Support Processes – Resource Management

The support processes describe the determination and provision of the required resources that are necessary for

  • our internal work to be carried out as effectively as possible, and
  • to offer products and services to the full satisfaction of our customers.
Logistics: Rapid parts supply

Administration of Basic and Master Records

Administration of Basic and Master Records: This includes procedures for recording, creating, changing and releasing bill of materials, work plans, material master records, customer master records, supplier master records, personnel master records and time studies. All data used is entered in the SAP system.

Administration of Documents and Records

The corporate process Administration of Documents and Records describes the creation and change of internal documents and the acquisition and management of external documents (delivery notes certificates, etc.).

The records relating to the legal requirements in the areas of environment, occupational safety, export and import, and with respect to energy policies are reviewed at regular intervals, changes are recorded and their compliance is evaluated Corrective measures may be determined, implementation of which shall be monitored and ensured. Access to the records of the legal requirements is ensured by the structure of the QUSEM documentation, and all employees are instructed regarding the proper handling and implementation of the documentation.

Human Resources Management

Amongst other tasks, Human Resources Management is responsible for the following main processes:

  • Personnel Planning
  • Personnel Development
  • Personnel Support
  • Recruitment

Infrastructure Preparation

Infrastructure Preparation covers the main processes for the maintenance and repair of buildings, machinery and equipment as well as the processes for the provision and monitoring of inspection and testing equipment.

Strategic Purchasing

The corporate process Strategic Purchasing comprises the purchasing of raw materials and components and also the selection and evaluation of suppliers. Purchase parts may be used only if they fulfill the quality requirements specified according to type, material, design, etc. claim class. The quality of all parts, semi-finished and finished products that pass through the house, must be guaranteed at all times.


The corporate process Marketing comprises the main processes of market observation, determination of the product program, pricing and distribution, market presentation, creation and publication of sales materials as well as customer contact management.