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In addition to our live and archived webinars there are additional opportunities to learn from our air system specialists in various platforms.


Food for Thought

Podcast series by Food Processing Magazine

Operating under pressure

Food Processing magazine sat down with the team from Kaeser Compressors to discuss their compressed air products, services, and solutions. Kaeser Compressors’ Bill Kemph, Neil Mehltretter, and Michael Camber talk about the company’s custom enclosed compressed air systems.

The Tool Belt

Podcast series by Plant Services Magazine

The hidden costs of compressed air

Compressed air is inherently expensive. On top of that, very often it is produced inefficiently. But it doesn’t have to be. Taking a look at your compressed air system’s equipment, layout, performance, and environment can help you improve the overall system’s reliability and efficiency saving you money on energy, maintenance, and life-cycle costs.

Join Plant Services for our four-part podcast series on the hidden costs of compressed air. Editor Tom Wilk of Plant Services will moderate a discussion with several compressed air experts from Kaeser Compressors to identify these costs and explore best practices for addressing them in your system. Podcast episodes to air in April, June, August, and November.

  • Episode 1: The Costs of Oversizing 
  • Episode 2: The Costs of Location (Coming in June) 
  • Episode 3: The Costs of Air Quality (Coming in August) 
  • Episode 4: Reveal and Control Costs with System Monitoring (coming in November)