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It's raining dirt (& dust, debris, pollen...)

cement plant dust

A customer contacted us recently regarding the compressed air system at a cement plant. The environment at cement plants (and mines) is notoriously terrible when it comes to ambient dust and debris fouling coolers and getting inside enclosures.

Hard to let go                                                  

old reciprocating compressor - hard to let go

A well-maintained, double-acting, water-cooled piston compressor is a marvel of efficiency, but these days it's rare to find these machines in operation. Take a brief look at how to measure and compare their performance to rotary screw compressors in this blog post.

Set it and forget it

set it and forget it

Selecting the right type and size of your compressors is a critical first step but your efforts, and dollars, may be wasted if you don’t choose the right settings.

Avoid downtime with some TLC

maintenance checklist

You’ve read it here before at least once or twice, but as big proponents of and believers that the more you know about operating air systems, the more you’ll get out of them, it’s worth repeating at least one more time: the more you take care of the equipment that comprises your compressed air system, the less likely you are to face downtime caused by equipment failures.

Is your team playing telephone?

telephone game

When you have multiple parties playing a role in the design of a production facility, proper communication is critical to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.