Compressed air filters, 1250 - 11,875 scfm

Reliable purity for high flow rates

F-series compressed air filters with flanged connections have been specially designed for high air requirements. Their sturdy design and generously sized filter cases ensure a reliable stream of standard-compliant compressed air purity. They provide coverage for all purity classes as per ISO 8573-1 – with remarkably low pressure loss.

  • Flow rate 1250 to 11,875 scfm
  • Max. working pressure 232 psig (F-221 190 psig model)
  • Max. operating temperature 150 °F

Your advantages

  • Compressed air to all purity classes:
    Five different filter grades are available for F-series flanged filters. This highly-precise gradation enables high filtration efficiency perfectly suited to the application – with low pressure loss.
  • Straightforward installation:
    The compressed air connections on the filter housings are variably selectable and fit perfectly onto the compressed air outlets of Kaeser compressors. This means an end to expensive on-site pipework diameter adjustments. They also deliver optimized flow dynamics with low pressure loss and outstanding filtration efficiency.

  • Reliable condensate drainage:
    Upon request F-series coalescence filters can also be equipped with the ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain, which ensures a highly reliable drainage of retained condensate – all without pressure loss.

Product details

The right degree of filtration for every compressed air need

FB coalescence filters

  • Intended for pre-filtration of solid matter particles and also for separation of larger quantities of condensate

FC coalescence filter

  • Intended for pre-filtration of solid matter particles and also for separation of larger quantities of condensate
  • For best results, a centrifugal separator or air receiver upstream is installed upstream in order to separate condensate

FD dust filter

  • Intended as a dust filter for solid matter particles, often installed downstream of desiccant dryers and activated carbon adsorbers
  • External to internal flow direction for superior operational reliability even with high dust loads

FE coalescence filter

  • Intended as a fine filter for superior compressed air quality
  • It separates out solid matter particles, condensate droplets and oil aerosols

FF coalescence filter

  • The high-performance filter for the most demanding compressed air quality requirements of the pharmaceutical, electronics, and food industries
  • Preferably only for use with low-condensate compressed air
  • During installation, ensure that an FE filter or refrigeration dryer is installed upstream

FFG microfilter/activated carbon filter combination

  • Combination of FF and FG, filtration of aerosols, solid matter particles and oil vapors