Magnetic bearing turbo blowers

State-of-the-art process air with turbo blowers

KAESER has expanded its product range with the introduction of magnetic bearing turbo blowers.

Turbo blowers are used wherever pressures as high as 20 psi are needed, e.g. wastewater treatment, aerobic fermentation and flue gas desulphurization.

For flow rates up to 4709 cfm there is the 200 hp series, and the 400 hp series for flow rates up to 9,240 cfm. Both of these model ranges include three PillAerator designs. Each impeller design delivers different pressures and flow rates.

Take a tour of the PillAerator with this interactive ThingLink. (Click here to view it full-screen.)

Intelligent control and communication

An advanced PLC controls operation and monitors machine conditions and performance levels. This data can be accessed (and the machine can be controlled remotely) in real time using a variety of industrial automation protocols for SCADA integration including EtherNet/IP (Allen Bradley compatible), Modbus TCP, Profibus and others. The data is also stored and can be extracted and analyzed. The HMI with multiple human language options allows for operation around the globe.

Impeller with active magnetic bearing motor

  • Oil-free air
  • Continuously balanced and friction-less
  • Variable speed, flow, or pressure
  • No maintenance or lubrication needed
  • Innovative emergency shutdown (no battery backup needed)
  • Allows frequent starts/stops
Cooling system

A sealed cooling system prevents contamination from the environment and optimizes machine performance. The coolant pump pressurizes the cooling systems for the motor and VFD by circulating the water/glycol mixture through an air/water heat exchanger and the auxiliary heat exchanger. Air is forced across the air/water heat exchanger with a VFD-driven fan. The speed is varied to maintain optimal coolant temperatures. For warm environments or hot blower rooms, the auxiliary shell-in-tube bundle allows for safe and efficient operation in the most demanding environments.