compressor maintenance infographic

Avoid downtime with some TLC

maintenance checklist infographic

You’ve read it here before at least once or twice, but as big proponents of and believers that the more you know about operating air systems, the more you’ll get out of them, it’s worth repeating at least one more time: the more you take care of the equipment that comprises your compressed air system, the less likely you are to face downtime caused by equipment failures.

Preventive maintenance, whether it’s performed by in-house personnel or manufacturer’s technicians, is one of the keys to proper performance, which leads to system efficiency and energy savings. A recent article in TechShop magazine lists some of the pneumatic tools and equipment in most shops that need regular inspection and maintenance along with some common sense practices to keep them operating smoothly. Read the article (Air Apparent) here and save this maintenance checklist infographic for electric rotary screw compressors.

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