handle air with care

Handle with care

In a recent panel discussion, Bob Safford, Senior Key Account Manager at Kaeser Compressors USA, discussed the critical role of air compressors in material recovery facilities (MRFs). Drawing parallels with being the "third child," Safford highlighted the tendency for air compressors to be overlooked in terms of budget and maintenance. 

During the panel discussion Safford touched on key considerations for setting up a compressed air  system, emphasizing the importance of good inlet and exhaust ventilation, and how equipment placement plays an important role in ease of maintenance and ultimately, system reliability.. Safford discussed the significance of planning for power needs, ensuring high air quality to process equipment, managing condensate water, and avoiding costs associated with oversizing the system. He also addressed the main reasons for compressor failures, citing heat, dirty environments, oversizing, and inadequate maintenance.

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