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Blower Package Integration: Save Time, Money and Energy in Wastewater Treatment Systems

This blog post discusses how integrated blower packages can significantly improve the efficiency and performance of wastewater treatment systems. Traditionally, blower packages were assembled using parts from various vendors, focusing on individual component costs rather than the overall system efficiency. This approach resulted in packages with insufficient noise attenuation, higher internal pressure losses, and excessive power consumption. 

Benefits of Integrated Blower Packages

Integrated blower packages offer several advantages over traditional, multi-sourced systems: 

  • Improved efficiency: Each component in an integrated package is specifically chosen to work together seamlessly, minimizing power losses and flow restrictions. This can lead to significant energy savings, up to 30% as seen in the customer site example in the video below. 
  • Enhanced system performance: Onboard controllers constantly monitor various sensors, ensuring the machine operates within optimal limits. 
  • Simplified maintenance: Maintenance counters and logs are readily available, and data can be transmitted to a plant PLC or SCADA system for centralized monitoring. This allows for predictive maintenance, optimizing blower operation and facility maintenance. 
  • Reduced noise levels: The blower enclosure is specifically designed with sound dampening panels to minimize noise emissions. 
  • Space savings: Integrated blower packages are designed for optimal space savings, making them ideal for facilities with limited space.

Overall, integrated blower packages offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for wastewater treatment facilities. They not only save time and money during procurement and installation, but also deliver superior performance and energy savings throughout the lifecycle of the system.

Blower Package Integration

This video showcases a real-world example where a traditional blower room design was replaced with a fully integrated screw blower package. This resulted in 30% efficiency gains, significantly reduced noise levels, and a superior connection to plant controls.

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