MOBILAIR Portable air compressors

Heavy-duty portable air compressors powering demanding construction sites year after year

50 to 1600 cfm tow behind compressors

Kaeser's MOBILAIR™ line of portable air compressors is designed and built for rugged use and dependable performance. A wide range of portable air compressor models and accessories are available to suit virtually any need.


Kaeser Mobilair portable air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and pressures and are suitable for many applications, including, but not limited to: sandblasting, pavement breaking, and general air tool use. Their extensive options allow customization to meet virtually any demand. Units are ideal for rental houses, repair trucks, and municipalities.


Each Mobilair features a heavy-duty chassis and canopy design to provide excellent protection from corrosion and the elements. Units feature powerful yet efficient engines from names you can trust: Honda, Kubota, Deutz, and Mercedez Benz. The package air flow design keeps the motor cool, even under demanding conditions. Features like our cold-start battery assure year-round availability.

Low cost of ownership

Mobilair compressors feature large, slow-turning Sigma Profile™ airends for longer life and better efficiency with 15-20% more air per gallon of fuel than our competition. Superb reliability and simple maintenance save time and money. The patented Anti-frost Valve protects air tools from freezing when the ambient temperature is lower, significantly increasing tool service life.

User friendly

Mobilair compressors are simple to operate, provide excellent component accessibility, and are easy to maintain. Their enhanced safety features and very low nose levels make them the perfect choice for any job site. Towable models have excellent handling with even weight distribution and feature a torsion bar suspension system. Superior efficiency means you can rum them longer before refueling.

An overview of our portable compressors

Small compressors up to 92 cfm

M13 – Portable compressor

On-site anytime, anywhere

  • Maximum pressures up to 217 psig
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Small compressors up to 92 cfm

Portable compressors up to 295 cfm

M55PE Mobilair portable compressor

Perfect fit for all kinds of extreme weather throughout the year

  • Easily maneuverable in traffic and on building sites
  • Optimal maintenance point accessibility
  • Patented Anti-Frost Control for reliable operation in cold temperatures
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Portable compressors up to 295 cfm

Large portable compressors up to 900 cfm

M350 – Portable large-scale compressor

Power that just won't quit

  • Integrated SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL controller
  • Energy-saving fan
  • Various chassis and stationary design options
  • Environmentally-friendly design for optimized fuel efficiency
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Large portable compressors up to 900 cfm

Portable oil-free compressors up to 1600 cfm

The M500-2 compressed air giant for refineries and large industrial companies

The new compressed air giant: the M500-2 for refineries and large-scale industrial operations

  • With the innovative SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL controller
  • Highly effective deployed as a standalone unit or within an existing station
  • Maximum energy efficiency even after years of continuous use

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Portable oil-free compressors up to 1600 cfm