Rental Rotary Screw Blowers Offer Efficiency and Flexibility

Kaeser’s rental blower program helps avoid downtime and maintain operations, AND helps you evaluate flow requirements prior to equipment purchase.

DBS screw rental blower
Kaeser rental blowers offer efficiency and flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Announcing Kaeser’s new rental blower program! Whether you need to take a unit off-line for service without compromising operations, meet a temporary surge, or want to try out a new blower technology without spending capital, you can rent a portable rotary screw blower from Kaeser. Available in three sizes with oil-free flows ranging from 200 to 2309 cfm, these variable speed rotary screw blowers are extremely efficient and provide exceptional flexibility for a variety of low pressure applications. 

All units feature our standard full enclosure with sound-proofing to promote safe working conditions and neighbor-friendly operation. They feature additional protection from rain and snow as well as auxiliary heaters in both the mechanical and electrical cabinets, making them suitable for outdoor installations in temperatures from 5 to 115° F. Each model has multiple control modes including pressure regulation, flow control (via panel-mounted potentiometer), and fixed speed.

Kaeser rental blowers are easily integrated into existing plant controls. Plus, if a new equipment purchase is the ultimate goal, the standard Sigma Control 2 will continuously record and store air demand and power usage to help size the permanent blower and calculate ROI from energy reduction.

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DBS screw rental blower

Kaeser rental blowers offer efficiency and flexibility for a wide variety of applications - DBS rental blower shown here

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EBS screw rental blower

EBS screw rental blower package

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