Kaeser's Industrial Screw Compressors Now Come with Sigma Control 2™

In keeping with their commitment to IIoT communications, Kaeser will now equip their industrial compressors down to 3 hp with the advanced onboard Sigma Control 2™ controller.

Kaeser's industrial rotary screw compressors now come standard with Sigma Control 2™ all the way down to 3 hp.

Kaeser is a leader in industrial compressed air communications and fully committed to providing solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity in Smart Factories. As such, their breakthrough integrated compressor package controller, Sigma Control 2, now comes standard on Kaeser’s full range of industrial belt and direct drive compressors, from 3 hp to 700 hp.

Kaeser’s rotary screw compressor packages are equipped with a host of sensors for monitoring performance and health. These sensors feed data directly to the integrated Sigma Control 2 controller for data collection, analysis, and control. Additionally, the built-in Ethernet connection enables seamless integration into plant control / monitoring systems.

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10/27/17 , Free for publication, copy appreciated to pr.us@kaeser.com.