aeration blower planning - measure before you buy

Thank you for your interest in our presentation "Aeration Blower Planning: Measure Before You Buy" by Kaeser's Blower Product Manager, Stephen Horne. Gain invaluable insight into developing a measurement plan, determining efficiency, and interpreting data results, in order to help answer the ultimate question... to upgrade or not to upgrade? Click below and watch it now.

As discussed during his presentation, too often aeration blower replacements and plant upgrades are planned based on old information and assumptions. Taking the time to collect real data on the actual demand will provide key information for improving important target parameters like DO and achieving long lasting energy reduction.

Below are some downloads you might find helpful in your efforts to collect data for your wastewater aeration project. 

PLUS: If you'd like to delve further into isentropic efficiency be sure to check out the videos on the right side of this page.

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