Understanding Current Blower Technology and Isentropic Efficiency in Blowers

Thank you for your interest in our Lunch & Learn with Water & Wastes Digest Magazine. As Stephen, George and Travis mentioned, blowers are a critical resource for wastewater treatment plants, which makes choosing the best blower vital for plant operational success.

We encourage you to download our product literature for more information on Kaeser's blower product line for wastewater treatment facilities and download the presentation slides to reference during your next project. You can also use the links on the right to reach out directly to us to ask questions or request a quote.

As Stephen mentioned during the event, energy efficiency varies significantly by blower type and can be measured in more than one way. In the short video below, Stephen again explains isentropic efficiency and specific performance as measures of efficiency, and compares the levels of efficiency between commonly used blower types.

Lastly, remember Travis' 5 Tips for Assessing Your System when looking into your blower system. 

5 Tips for Assessing Blower Systems

We are here to help you with your project and hope you found the event informative! 


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Here are some additional downloads to help with optimizing your current blower system and exploring which technology is best for you: