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KAESER MOBILAIR M59PE - Work Smarter, Not Harder

195 cfm at 100 psig

Are you looking for a low emission versatile portable compressor which can be used for multiple applications by changing the air flow, or pressure when needed? If so, then look no further, as we present to you the MOBILAIR M59PE!

With our MOBILAIR M59PE compressor we offer you a versatile portable compressor which helps you to work smarter, not harder. 

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Features of the M59PE

With the MOBILAIR M59 portable compressor you work smarter, not harder
The M59PE offers all the features you would expect from a robust and intelligent compressor.

Designed to meet your needs, because you and your customers deserve it!

At KAESER we focus on delivering maximum value to our customers. Here are some of the features which make the M59PE stand out from the crowd.

Tier 4 Final Hatz Engine with low emissions

The M59PE comes with a Tier 4 Final HATZ 3H50TIC.

This extremely compact and durable engine can boast about possessing the lowest power to weight ratio in its class. 

With a 500h interval service, spin on cartridges and easy to access maintenance, you’ll maximize machine usage, minimize costly downtime periods and optimize total cost of ownership.

The M59 PE Version offers easy service access thanks to large gullwing doors.
Service-friendly and easy to access thanks to large gull wing doors
MOBILAIR pV Control: greater flexibility in terms of both pressure and flow rate
Choice of two pressure variants and adjustable in 1.5 psi steps

pV Technology = Maximum versatility

The versatile M59PE has been designed to meet the specific pressure and flow requirements of multiple applications.

Thanks to KAESER pV technology, included in the SIGMA CONTROL Smart compressor controller, you can easily adjust air pressure in 1.5 psi steps from 100 to 200 psi.

Additionally you can use the integrated controller for system monitoring and diagnosis.

Air Quality

Thanks to a wide range of optional air treatment systems, the M59PE is capable of delivering compressed air in compliance with a broad range of demanding air quality specification requirements

Additionally it comes with a two stage air filtration as standard to deliver quality air for all of your diverse applications.

The KAESER Mobilair range offers portable compressors which are suitable for low emission zones.
The SIGMA CONTROL SMART compressor controller ensures optimised compressed air availability, fuel efficiency and exhaust air management.
SIGMA CONTROL Smart compressor controller

Reliable, Safe and Simple

Cold air ambient temperature start up is guaranteed by an electronically controlled start-up function, in sequence with the ability to manually switch from idle to full load operation. 

Automatic shutdown is possible with the user friendly and intuitive KAESER SIGMA CONTROL Smart advanced compressor controller, which offers optimal protection for operators and the compressor.

Smart and built to last

The MOBILAIR M59PE has been designed to withstand continuous operation in the extreme working conditions found on many construction sites in diverse ambient temperatures. 

Even the standard M59 models are capable of operating in ambient temperatures ranging from 14°F to 113°F. 

As with all MOBILAIR compressors, the M59PE is built to last!

Anti-Frost Control logo
KAESER M59 PE portable compressor, lightweight version

Made in Germany

All models of the MOBILAIR portable compressors range are manufactured at KAESER’s headquarters in Coburg, Germany. Equipped with the very latest technology, this modern compressor plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a TÜV-certified sound testing area for free-field sound level measurement, a high-performance powder-coating facility and efficient manufacturing logistics.

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