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Go ahead. Talk data to me.

We're not shy when it comes to talking data. For years, we've led the industry in providing integrated controls and our blowers are equipped to give you all the data you need. With a suite of sensors for complete package monitoring and the onboard Sigma Control 2™, our advanced communications capabilities take the guesswork out of connecting with plant controls. 

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Adaptive control for WWTP
Adaptive control for WWTP

Controls are critical to a wastewater blower system. Without them, a system with multiple blowers operating on their individual controls will run more than necessary and result in wasted energy. Maintenance costs increase and worst of all: process performance suffers.

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Go ahead. Talk data to me.

Let's talk about data and IoT

Kaeser's rotary screw blowers come equipped with the integrated Sigma Control 2™ controller and a wide range of sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, speed, oil level, and filters. These comprehensive sensors ensure dependable blower operation and allows remote monitoring and visualization of operational status. 

The integrated Sigma Control 2™ has "traffic light" LED indicators to show operational status at a glance, plain text display, 30 selectable languages, soft-touch keys with icons, and fully automated monitoring and control. 

More and more customers desire the ability to remotely monitor or control their compressed air systems. Whether you have a standalone system or want to make it part of your plant-wide controls, Sigma Control 2 was designed for maximum communication flexibility. Our built-in web server and Ethernet port (standard) let you view your equipment from any PC with a standard web browser. The open architecture makes it easy to integrate into existing plant-wide monitoring systems utilizing optional communication adapters such as Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, and Profinet. 

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