MOBILAIR™ M58 Utility

Standard features include:

  • SIGMA Profile™ rotary screw airend
  • Tier 4 Final 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • SIGMA CONTROL Smart electronic controller
  • Large fuel tank for up to 10 hours of continuous operation
Less downtime, more ROI
Less downtime, more ROI

Built for demanding applications, the M58 delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig. With its over-sized fuel tank, power-saving SIGMA Profile™ airend, and heavy-duty Tier 4 Final Kubota engine, this unit produces more air with less horsepower and delivers the best in versatility and portability.

MOBILAIR™ M58 Utility

210 cfm MOBILAIR air compressor

The M58 Utility is part of our award-winning MOBILAIR line of portable screw compressors and is ideal for public works, utility, and other field work vehicles as well as portable backup for stationary units. 

Our utility configuration allows for easy cross mounting on service vehicles and has both long and short side forklift slots as well as a single-point lifting ball for easy mounting/dismounting. The wide-opening, removable side doors allow quick access to all components for easy servicing and also reduces noise levels. The M58 Utility is very user-friendly with a compact design and an eye-level curb side instrument panel featuring the easy to operate SIGMA CONTROL Smart electronic controller. 

A heavy-duty 4-cylinder engine direct coupled to our energy saving SIGMA Profile™ airend produces more air with less horsepower. A high capacity, cold start battery assures reliable operation all year round. 

The M58 Utility's rugged steel cabinet is powder-coated and built to take the harshest conditions while protecting the machine from dirt, water, and other contaminants.

M58 portable compressor specifications

Standard features:

  • SIGMA Profile™ rotary screw airend produces more air with less horsepower
  • Heavy-duty 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final EPA emissions standards
  • SIGMA CONTROL Smart electronic controller within the eye-level, curbside instrument panel with protective metal cover
  • Large fuel tank for up to 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Fully weatherproofed powder-coated steel cabinet
  • High capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation
  • Exclusive anti-frost valve maintains optimum operating temperature and prevents tool freeze up
  • Lifting eye for simple handling

Optional features:

  • Aftercooler package
  • Pressures up to 145 psig
  • Five year airend warranty

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