rotary blowers for furniture manufacturing
Compressed air and vacuum for wood products manufacturing

Compressed air and vacuum systems are vital to the woodworking industry. Whether you are manufacturing furniture, building cabinets, or processing lumber, air is used to power pneumatic tools and equipment. 

We understand the importance of keeping production running and energy costs low. That's why all our compressed air equipment is engineered to be Built for a lifetime. If you're tired of downtime, frequent maintenance, and rising energy costs, leave your compressed air business to us.

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Go with the Flow!
Go with the Flow!

A furniture manufacturer was able to have significant energy savings by using vacuum blowers for better hold down in CNC router table application.

See how the company saved $74,000 in energy costs.
Compressed air and vacuum for wood products manufacturing

Vacuum that means business

It's your business on the line and Kaeser has a wide array of compressed air and vacuum systems for cabinet shops, millworks, and wood product manufacturers of all sizes to keep your operation up and running and maintenance costs down.

Well known for our superior compressed air systems, we also have excellent vacuum options for CNC router tables. Kaeser blowers greatly reduce energy and maintenance costs for spoiler board applications. For applications needing deeper vacuum, Kaeser vacuum screws reach 99% vacuum. Both are fully enclosed for quiet operation and dust protection. 

Our product line also includes:

  • compressed air packages with dryers and receiver tanks with a small footprint ideal for smaller workshops
  • advanced controllers such as Sigma Air Manager 4.0 to take advantage of Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • dryers, filters and drains to combat moisture, oil, and particulates to ensure a reliable supply of clean, dry air
  • SmartPipe compressed air piping with leak-free connections prevent air loss and wasted energy

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