DBS blower
The new standard in wastewater aeration

Kaeser’s screw blowers bring wastewater treatment plants all the advantages of screw blower technology with the added benefits of an integrated complete blower package with components carefully selected for quality and performance.

Series Features:
Series Features:

  • Efficiency advantage over traditional blower designs of up to 35%
  • Superior turn down efficiencies over a wide flow range
  • Comes completely assembled with blower airend, motor, and silencers in a full enclosure
  • Fixed and variable speed
  • Integrated controls, instrumentation, and external communications ports
The new standard in wastewater aeration

Reduce your energy bill

Blower users get the best energy efficiency when they select the best blower technology for the application and select blowers that cover the needed flow range with the best possible turn down efficiencies. Kaeser screw blowers were specifically designed to improve energy efficiency in demanding wastewater treatment applications. With flows from 190 to 5650 cfm and pressures from 4.4 to 15 psig, the Kaeser design delivers near constant specific power over a wide control range to keep power consumption to an absolute minimum.

Reduce maintenance costs

Kaeser blowers are designed from top to bottom to minimize maintenance costs. Full sealed cabinet protects both electrics and mechanical components from dirt, dust and moisture. Thermostatically controlled positive ventilation maintains optimal operating temperatures. Fluid taps and filter housings are easily accessed by removing only one panel. Double vibration isolation keeps all electrical and process connections tight. Furthermore, the rugged reliability of Kaeser blowers means fewer lifetime repairs. Explore the internal design of the Kaeser screw blower in this video.

Increase uptime with smart controls

To protect your investment and ensure the most efficient operation possible, all of our screw blowers come standard with our Sigma Control 2™ and a full complement of sensors. This intelligent controller monitors a wide range of operating parameters and tracks preventive maintenance intervals and provides notice when PMs are due. It also shuts the unit down to prevent damage, and signals if immediate service is required. Built in Ethernet connection, IP address and web server enable remote monitoring and easy integration into plant SCADA/IoT systems

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