Compressed Air Systems for Metal Forming and Fabricating at FABTECH 2023

Optimizing metalwork and fabrication with compressed air


In the realm of metal products manufacturing, where precision and productivity are paramount, one often-underestimated ally stands out: compressed air. From the art of hand fabrication to the high-tech precision of laser cutting, compressed air plays a pivotal role in various applications within the industry.

Empowering CNC systems and precision operations

skid air system with SK compressor and KAD dryer

When it comes to processes like laser and plasma cutting, one constant remains: the need for steady pressure and clean, dry air  to ensure the reliable operation of fabrication tools and equipment. 

Moreover, in the realm of coating and paint spraying, the quality of compressed air becomes a make-or-break factor. Clean air is the bedrock of achieving that perfect finish. KAESER understands these critical demands, providing you with compressed air solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Overcoming the challenge of multiple tools and intermittent demands

Grinders and other pneumatic hand tools are the unsung heroes of metal fabrication, but they often require high air consumption. When multiple tools are in play, inadequate airflow can result in low pressure, hampering productivity. This challenge is compounded by high intermittent demands from processes like sandblasting, which stress the need for a dependable, energy-efficient air supply.


compressed air for metalwork - fabtech

At KAESER, we are committed to improving the operations and profitability of our customers. Visit KAESER at FABTECH 2023 to learn how we can minimize downtime and keep your production flowing smoothly with innovative compressed air solutions.

Event details:

Trade show: FABTECH 
Booth:  TBD
Date: Oct 15 - 17, 2024
Location: Orlando, FL

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