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AIRCENTER Screw Compressor Packages


A Complete System

 Kaeser AIRCENTERS are the answer to many challenges. The integrated design reduces time spent in planning and purchasing your air system. We combine the reliability, energy efficiency and easy-to-service design of our industrial rotary screw compressors into a space-saving package complete with a storage tank and clean air treatment equipment. AIRCENTERS arrive completely assembled, saving you a lot of time and expense in installation.

AIRCENTERS are available in simplex (one compressor) and duplex (two compressors) configurations from single 5 hp units to twin 20 hp units, with pressures from 80 to 200 psig, and flows from 12 to 178 cfm. Duplex models offer added energy efficiency by running only the compressor(s) needed to meet the current air demand. They also offer backup capability.

AIRCENTERS are our standard SX, SM, and SK compressors with integral dryers vertically mounted on a storage tank, for a complete compressed air system - what's included?

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 AIRCENTER Rotary Screw Compressor Packages: Specifications
 ModelRated Motor Power  Flow for Simplex Units  Flow for Duplex Units
SX 5 AIRCENTER5 hpSX AirCenter 21 cfm SX AirCenter duplex42 cfm
SX 7.5 AIRCENTER7.5 hp28 cfm56 cfm
SM 7.5 AIRCENTER7.5 hp SM AirCenter32 cfm SM AirCenter Duplex64 cfm
SM 10 AIRCENTER10 hp42 cfm84 cfm
SM 15 AIRCENTER15 hp53 cfm106 cfm
SK 15 AIRCENTER15 hpSK AirCenter71 cfmSK AirCenter duplex142 cfm
SK 20 AIRCENTER20 hp88 cfm176 cfm
With Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
SFC 8 AIRCENTER10 hp  48 cfm  N/A
SFC 11 AIRCENTER15 hp  72 cfmN/A
SFC 15 AIRCENTER20 hp  95 cfmN/A

Performance at 125 psig rated in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 test code.

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