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Rotary Blowers in Wastewater Treatment Plants


Meeting tough WWTP requirements and more

wastewater treatment plant

Kaeser understands the important requirements wastewater treatment plant designers and operators consider when evaluating and selecting blowers and compressed air equipment:

  • best possible equipment reliability
  • lowest life cycle costs
  • simplicity and ease of maintenance
  • superior energy efficiency
  • small footprint and ease of installation
  • low-noise operation

To fulfill these needs and more, Kaeser offers fully packaged blower systems for applications including aeration, agitation, membrane scouring, filter backwashing, and bio-gas recovery. Kaeser can also provide complete compressed air systems for controls, instrumentation, and shop air. A wide range of portable compressors for site work and movable backup is also available.

In addition to excellent performance and high-quality equipment, Kaeser offers comprehensive design, installation support, a 24-hour emergency parts delivery guarantee, maintenance and repair services, and other system services.

Positive Displacement Rotary Blowers
Rotary Screw Blowers  (1.60 MB) USSCREWBLWR
Omega Rotary Blower Catalogue  (3.04 MB) USOMEGABULTN
Com-paK Series  (1.92 MB) USCOMPAK
Air System Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants  (1.14 MB) USWWTP
A Guide to Blowers  (0.46 MB) USRWOQA3
Energy Efficient System Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants: A System Splitting Approach  (0.73 MB) USWPSYSSPLT
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