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Air Main Charging Valve



Compressed air dryers and filters are designed and rated to treat specified volumes of air at specific conditions. If system pressure is not present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, air moves through clean air treatment equipment at unusually high velocity when the system is re-started. Until full operating pressure is reached, dryers and filters will not work to specification resulting in contaminants being swept downstream.

Kaeser's Air Main Charging Valve prevents excessive velocity by automatically opening and closing to maintain a safe pressure in the supply side of the air system while charging the main distribution piping in the minimum possible time. The AMCV minimizes the exposure time of air treatment to high velocity air, thereby extending its service life.

The Air Main Charging Valve consist of three main components: a pressure switch which is adjusted to the desired set point, a 5-way solenoid control valve combined with adjustable nozzles precisely controls to eliminate swings in pressure and velocity, and either a ball valve or butterfly valve to create minimal pressure drop and provide for manual override. Kaeser offers a variety of systems to meet you facility's specific requirements.

Velocity Profile

flow-velocity curve


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