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Mobilair™ Portable Air Compressors

Kaeser is offering special pricing on select models of our award-winning Mobilair portable air compressor product line. Your customers rely on you to provide the best rental solutions, and we are making the compressors you can rely on more affordable.

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Featured Models
Featured Models

  • M15 model:
    • 50 cfm at 100 psig
  • M17 model:
    • 60 cfm at 100 psig
  • M27 model:
    • 92 cfm at 100 psig
  • M58 model:
    • 210 cfm at 100 psig
  • M125 model:
    • 405 cfm at 145 psig

Mobilair™ Portable Air Compressors

Take advantage of these ARA Show Specials

To help rental companies get the best for their business, we are offering discounted pricing on five of our most popular models to ARA Show attendees and members.

Mobilair M15-M17-M27-M58-M125 comparison

All of these units are available in both towable and skid-mounted, as well as with higher pressure options. An optional 5 year airend warranty is available on all units. 

Designed and built for rugged use and dependable performance, these Mobilair portable air compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications such as demolition, sand blasting, sprinkler irrigation, and monument engraving. The fully weatherproofed canopy and wide-opening gull wing doors allow easy servicing and reduce noise levels. The steel chassis, torsion bar suspension, oversized tires, and instrument and light package ensure easy portability and excellent road handling. Mobilair compressors feature larger, slower turning airends for longer life and better efficiency, and produce up to 20% more air per gallon of fuel than other models in the same class. Tier 4 compliant engines and smart, integrated controls add extra efficiency and convenience for rental houses and end-users. 

Customers love the easy operation and the way they handle on the road. Rental houses love Mobilair’s ability to take a beating and still deliver great performance. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer on these award-winning compressors. 

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