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Compressed air products for virtually any application

Kaeser's extensive line of rotary screw compressors, rotary lobe and screw blowers, controllers, piping, and air treatment products provide unique solutions for your operation.

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Built for a lifetime
Built for a lifetime

It's not just a tagline. Reliability and durability have been designed into each Kaeser compressor and blower package from the start so they can continue to deliver the air you need year after year.

Compressed air products for virtually any application
Compressed air that means business

Because it's your business on the line

From workshops to industrial plants, from mines to refineries: More and more compressed air users are trusting Kaeser's built for a lifetime™ reliability for their compressed air needs. Kaeser's solutions use the latest in technology to improve uptime, reduce waste, cut energy costs, and simplify maintenance. The Kaeser family is proud to put its name on every product. 

  • Energy efficient operation that gives you more air, more savings
  • Maintenance-friendly design with fewer wearing parts 
  • Premium quality materials with rugged reliability

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