KASE - air system enclosures

Compressed air systems: ready for delivery and start up

Kaeser's Air System Enclosures (KASE) are complete compressed air systems delivered ready to operate in secure, weatherproof packages built for the most challenging environments.
Too often, compressed air equipment is placed in hot, dirty environments that may be poorly lit and hard to access for service. Renovating or building new rooms for compressed air systems is time consuming and expensive. KASE packages are less expensive than construction, and they limit interruption to production. We design a reliable and energy-efficient air station, and instead of shipping all the individual compressors, dryers, etc. to the plant for integration on site, we deliver the entire system in a turnkey package that needs no onsite assembly. 
In addition to eliminating production delays and costs of construction, moving your compressed air system into a protected and temperature-controlled space improves air quality and extends equipment life. You also remove a source of heat and noise, and you reclaim valuable floor space in your plant. By moving the equipment out of the plant, chemical plants and food processors further benefit by reducing security and contamination concerns when service technicians are on site. 
If none of the KASE configurations below meet your needs, we can design one to your specifications and then build it, deliver it, and commission faster than you can secure a building permit.
Full walk-in design, rated for 110 mph wind loads, 50 lbs/sq. ft. snow load, fully insulated with sound dampening paneling, two entry doors (minimum), removable access panels for major service.
External power disconnect, main power distribution panel, step-down transformer, low voltage panel board, EMT conduit, individual isolation devices per equipment requirement, wiring per NEC.
Thermostatically controlled intake and re-circulation dampers, galvanized and insulated duct work, digital temperature controllers, exhaust gravity dampers.
SmartPipe or equivalent, isolation valves at critical points, external connection point.
Vibration isolation
Vibration isolation on piping discharge and compressor mounting points.
Operating conditions
-4°F to +100°F and relative humidity <80%
Available configurations
  • 200 hp with integrated refrigerated dryers
  • 200 hp with stand-alone refrigerated dryers
  • 250 hp with stand-alone refrigerated dryer
  • 300 hp with integrated refrigerated dryers
  • 125 hp oil-free with integrated heat of compression dryer

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