EBS integrated blower package
Nothing sold separately. No assembly required.

If this blower needed batteries, it would come with those too. Kaeser's integrated blower packages come complete with every component carefully selected for quality and performance. Our blowers arrive ready for installation, saving you installation time and costs. Seriously, not even one component sold separately.

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Package Highlights:
Package Highlights:

  • "Plug and play" ready-to-run blower package
  • Integrated SIGMA CONTROL 2™ controller
  • Premium efficiency motor with PTC sensors
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easy access maintenance points
  • Flow capacities to 5650 cfm
Nothing sold separately. No assembly required.

Complete blower packages from KAESER

KAESER understands the important requirements wastewater treatment plant designers and operators consider when evaluating and selecting blowers and compressed air equipment:

  • best possible equipment reliability
  • lowest life cycle costs
  • simplicity and ease of maintenance
  • superior energy efficiency
  • small footprint and ease of installation
  • low-noise operation

To fulfill these needs and more, KAESER offers fully packaged blower systems for applications including aeration, agitation, membrane scouring, filter backwashing, and bio-gas recovery. Our standard package design features a full scope of supply that is unmatched in the industry. A complete package reduces time spent specifying and purchasing blower system components. Plus, these factory-designed, pre-assembled machines have been designed with performance in mind and all the components have been tested together to give a true efficiency statement.

KAESER can also provide complete compressed air systems for controls, instrumentation, and shop air. A wide range of portable compressors for site work and movable backup is also available.

In addition to excellent performance and high-quality equipment, KAESER offers comprehensive design, installation support, a 24-hour emergency parts delivery guarantee, maintenance and repair services, and other system services.

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