PRI (Performance Racing International)

08. - 10. Dec 2022, Indianapolis, IN USA

Superior compressed air systems for motorsports teams and suppliers

The best collision and automotive shops choose Kaeser compressors to supply air to their compressed air tools. Our customers don't want to compromise finish quality or waste time redoing paint jobs. They understand the value of  a well-designed and reliable compressed air system and know the benefits of clean, dry air.

Kaeser has the products and expertise to ensure you have steady pressure and the right air quality to keep your shop operations or production lines running right. We have countless customers in the racing industry, and a well-earned reputation for superior quality and reliability. 

  • Race team operations
  • Precision metal and plastic parts manufacturers
  • Engine builders and other machining operations
  • Chassis builders and other fabricators
  • Spraying paint or other coatings
  • General purpose air for race shops
  • Racing trailers

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis/USA

Booth location:

Hall , Booth 5252

Products on display
  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Compressed air piping