Compressed Air Seminars

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Compressed air is one of the most important and versatile energy sources in any manufacturing company. The reliable and efficient supply of compressed air with the required quality is a complex multi-faceted process.

People looking to use compressed air as a highly efficient energy source should consider the company’s compressed air supply system as a whole. The widest possible knowledge base is required in order to properly assess the various interactions within the system and its integration into the operational environment.

Experienced speakers

At Kaeser, we believe that the more you know about operating air systems, the more you'll get out of them. That's why we are committed to offering you the most current information you need to wisely operate and maintain your compressed air system. 

Kaeser has been providing compressed air systems solutions since 1919. We consider ourselves as a partner to our customers and develop tailor-made, energy-efficient and reliable compressed air solutions. With our philosophy of "more compressed air for less energy", we have become a leading key global player in our industry.

Our compressed air seminars will help you evaluate and improve the performance of your compressed air system(s). The seminar is designed for plant engineers, operations managers, maintenance supervisors, consulting engineers, and anyone who wants to increase reliability and reduce life cycle costs. Whether you are designing a new facility, planning capital improvements, or looking for tools and tips to improve a current system, our comprehensive seminar gives you information that you can use to increase system performance and reduce operating costs.

During the seminar you will have the opportunity to ask questions, contribute your ideas, and share your thoughts and own experiences with the other attendees.

Certificate of participation

Following the seminar you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Professional development Hours (PDH): 8 hours for a full-day seminar and  hours for half-day seminars.

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