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Air Leak Audit and Detection Program


Ready to fix air leaks? We can help.

The US Department of Energy estimates 25% of compressed air is lost to leaks - and it's higher in many plants. Kaeser's compressed air leak detection and repair program is a smart solution for facilities ready to stop wasting air and start lowering energy costs.

Kaeser tags leaks using the latest ultrasonic leak detection technology and provides a detailed report with the location and approximate leak rate of each leak found. 

Fixing even a fraction of the leaks provides immediate payback. Plus, reducing compressed air leaks increases service life, frees-up capacity for production surges and growth, and stabilizes system pressure.

High Cost of Leaks: Example 1

A small soft drink bottler was losing approximately half of the average air consumption to leaks - costing the company over $34,000 annually in electricity.

Click the chart to enlarge and view results.


High Cost of Leaks: Example 2

At a small motor manufacturer, over 90% of the plant’s average air production is wasted to leaks – representing as much as $70,000 in electricity each year.

Click the chart to enlarge and view the results.

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