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Compressed Air Audits and Air Demand Analysis


How is system data collected?

Our ADA uses a variety of highly accurate instruments and sensors installed at strategic locations in the system to obtain an accurate picture of system dynamics. The data logging devices monitor and chart air flow, power consumption, and system pressures over a period of ten days.

How is data analyzed?

Our engineers analyze the system from several perspectives using collected data, system schematics and site visits to identify poor compressor performance, periods of insufficient capacity, as well as waste, leaks and artificial demand due to operating at unnecessarily high pressures.

Performed with a comprehensive ADA, KESS software uses the critical data gathered to find the most cost effective and energy-efficient solution for the specific application based on customer goals.

What is in an ADA report?

Each ADA report includes a specific action plan. It outlines the recommended actions, as well as the projected energy costs. Recommendations do not necessarily include acquiring additional compressor equipment; often, it's merely a matter of making adjustments to compressor controls, storage, piping or system controls.

Need more specifics? Click here for examples of recent ADAs with significant and immediate benefits to our customers.

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