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Optional variable speed control (SFC)


Kaeser's oil-free screw compressors are available with integrated Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) to provide superior part-load efficiency and steady pressure in applications with varying air demands. Standard features include EMI filters and line reactors for extra electrical system protection.

   Comfortable even when hot
A generously-sized SFC module and efficient cooling of its separate control cabinet allows the use of Kaeser variable speed compressors in ambient temperatures up to +115 °F.
   SFC module from Siemens
As with the PC-based Sigma Control compressor controller, the Kaeser SFC‘s (Sigma Frequency Control) frequency converter is manufactured by Siemens. This enables seamless communication between the two modules to ensure optimum system performance. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the entire system is tested and certified in accordance with all application regulations.
   Precision air demand analysis
An Air Demand Analysis (ADA) provides detailed data for compressed air system optimization. From this data, and using the the Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS), it is possible to develop the most effective compressed air supply system from several options to suit the needs of the specific application
   Tailored solutions
In an individually tailored compressed air station maximum efficiency is ensured through the use of a Kaeser variable speed (SFC) compressor in combination with fixed-speed compressors under coordinated control via a Sigma Air Manager 4.0
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