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Service-friendly Components


   Fiber-free pulsation dampeners
Kaeser's fiber-free pulse dampeners keep pressure losses to an absolute minimum, help maintain consistent air quality and minimize unwanted vibration. In addition, their fiber-free design reliably eliminates the possibility of compressed air contamination.
   Hydraulic inlet valve
The hydraulically operated inlet valves on Kaeser oil-free rotary compressors are unaffected by contamination and condensate. This makes them more reliable and easier to maintain than pneumatic valves.
   Easy-access coupling
The electric motor directly drives the airend with zero transmission losses via a maintenance-free coupling. As there is no need for complicated disassembly work or alignment work, the easy-access coupling can be exchanged quickly and easily.
   Highly efficient condensate separator
Thanks to its flow-optimized design, the newly developed condensate separator reliably separates the condensate downstream from the air coolers, with minimal pressure loss.
   Cleaning made simple
Cleaning the air coolers on DSG-2 and FSG-2 models is convenient and easy thanks to our unique swing-out design -- no crane is needed. Service technicians can clean the coolers in considerably less time and right next to the machine, without the risk of contaminating the unit's interior.
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