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Air Treatment Options for Oil-Free Compressors


Depending on the pressure dew point you need, Kaeser offers several options, from traditional refrigerated dryers to heatless desiccant dryers. The i.HOC dryer presents a unique combination of low dew point, space savings, and superb energy efficiency.

   Integrated Refrigerated Dryer (CSG-2 option)
The CSG-2 series oil-free screw compressors are available with an optional integrated refrigerated dryer to ensure compressed air drying for the intended application and all flow rates. These high-quality industrial machines provide reliable protection from condensate damage, even under the harshest conditions.
   Refrigeration dryer
For many oil-free applications, refrigerated dryers are the go-to choice for delivering the best possible energy efficiency and lowest investment cost for dew points down to 38°F.  For lower dew points, a desiccant dryer is needed.
   Integrated Heat of Compression Dryer (i.HOC)
The optional i.HOC rotary drum dryer reliably and efficiently achieves pressure dew points up to an ambient temperature of 115°F. Air-cooled and water-cooled versions for CSG-2 and DSG-2 models are available.
Combination desiccant/refrigerated Hybritec dryer   Hybritec combination dryer

Models: DT
Flow capacity: 700 to 5,300 scfm

These units combine refrigerated dryers with desiccant dryers for optimum energy saving potential. They are ideally suited for large volume applications where the required dew points vary seasonally.

KAD Desiccant dryer   Heatless regenerated desiccant dryers

Model: KAD series
Flow capacity: 40 to 5400 scfm @100 psig
Pressure dew point to: -100°F

These efficient and reliable heatless desiccant dryers provide pressure dew points down to -100°F.

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