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Sigma Air Manager


The Advantages of our Industry-Leading Technology

Primary functions
Simply enter the system pressure setpoint, pressure bandwidth and the compressor capacities, grouping and type of connection. These critical parameters are all that is required for Sigma Air Manager to manage and control a compressed air system. Additional parameters can be entered to optimum performance and customize the air system to individual facility and application conditions.
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
Sigma Air Control basic
The Internet server integrated in every Sigma Air Manager can graphically process the air system's current status and display the data as an HTML page. This HTML page contains information such as each compressor's current operational state, instant snap-shot of SAM control panel, a profile of system pressure over the last operational phase, as well as service and alarm messages. All this information – password protected – can be called up on any PC with an Internet browser without the need for additional software.
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
Sigma Air Control plus
HTML pages generated by optional Sigma Air Control plus display data collected from SAM's long-term memory. Operating from a standard Internet browser, this password-protected function displays profiles of system pressure, FAD, load/off load characteristics, duty cycle and compressor power consumption and graphs the results over time.  Long-term data tracking, trending and retention provides invaluable information for comprehensive compressed air audits. Kaeser's trained specialists can evaluate the data and keep the air system precisely matched to current air demand. Sigma Air Control plus is available as an option and can be added at any time through the PCMCIA slot. 
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
Reliable industrial computer
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) is constructed from durable, industrial grade materials. Its specifically designed, industrial-based computer features 32-bit processor technology, a large working memory and software update capabilities. IP 54 enclosure guarantees operation even in damp and dirty environments. The system can withstand temperatures from 32°F to over 100 °F.
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
Simple to install, easy to connect
Sigma Air Manager and the Sigma Control are both fitted with Profibus-DP interfaces. These reduce the wiring required between the compressors and Sigma Air Manager to a single cable. Both Sigma Air Manager 4/4 and 8/4 models are ideally suited for wall mounting to reduce space requirements.
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
Clear menu structure
With a clear, logical menu structure, users quickly access the required screens and data. Four cursor keys and six multifunction keys along with simple icons and clear graphics provide easy, user-friendly navigation. The high resolution display is easy to read, and integrated character sets are available in 30 languages. 
Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller
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