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Compressed Air Filters: 20 - 500 scfm


  • Dust and coalescing filter elements feature deep-pleated filter elements wrapped in stainless steel cages.
  • High-efficiency carbon matting prevents channeling while also reducing pressure drop.
  • Generously sized connection flanges minimize pressure losses.
  • Particulate and coalescing filters come standard with differential pressure gauge to check filter efficiency at a glance.
  • Silicone-free versions, compliant with test standard PV-VW 3.10.7, are also available as an option.

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Five grades of filter filtration


Filter GradeTypeApplication
KCCyclone liquid separatorUse where large volumes of liquids are expected, such as at a compressor's aftercooler
KBBasic coalescing filterFor wet or dry applications with water and oil aerosols and particulates, or dry applications for particulates
KEExtra high-efficiency coalescing filterFor wet applications with light liquid loads containing water and oil aerosols and particulates
KDDust filterFor dry applications with particulates; particularly effective as an after-filter for heatless desiccant dryers
KAAdsorbing oil vapor removal filterFor dry applications with particulates but primary function is the adsorption of oil vapor

 Click on the image below for an up-close look at some of the key features:

Kaeser filter cutaway


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